interested in becoming a Catholic?

Do you find yourself thinking about becoming a Catholic? Do you have questions about faith?
We are here to support you, either as a friendly ear or with more structured courses for initiation into the Catholic Faith.

What to do next…
Come along to mass. Say hello to us if you like, or if you aren’t ready don’t worry!
Pray. Try praying even if you are not sure how to. Take a moment just to talk to God, either out loud or in your head. There is no right or wrong way, you may find pictures or Bible verses helpful, or maybe just try and lift your thoughts to God when you are out walking or doing other things. Or you could ask us for some prayer books or search online for prayers.
Read. Try and get hold of a Bible, or any book about faith which catches your interest.
Talk to us. We would love to hear from you! Catch us after mass over coffee, or phone up to make an appointment with Sally our pastoral worker.
Think about enrolling on our Adult Faith formation course, which runs each year from autumn to spring. It’s a great way to explore your ideas around faith, and get to know people who are experiencing similar things.


Prayer to Jesus to grow in love

O Jesus, look with compassion
Upon your servant.
It seems to me that I do love you,
But I am afraid of deceiving myself.

I feel that, were you to question me
As you once questioned the Prince of the Apostles
I would answer “Yes Lord, I love you,”
But you would not have to ask me three times
To make me uneasy about the love I pledged to you.
I repeat, I am afraid of deceiving myself.

I do indeed believe that I love you,
But you, the uncreated Light
You penetrate the hidden recesses of my heart,
You can read all its secrets;
You sound the depths of every human heart,
And perhaps you see that I do not really love you.

O, my Saviour, my Father, my Love,
Make me love you
– I do not ask for any other thing –
Because to love you is everything

Eugene De Mazenod 1811

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